What is Chiropractics

If you have not visited a chiropractor before you may want some background information on the profession and the science behind the treatment.


It all started in 1895 in the USA when Daniel David Palmer was with a gentleman by the name of Harvey Lillard. Mr Lillard had suffered from hearing problems for more than a decade following an injury to his back. Palmer discovered a lump on Lillard’s back and from this he had an idea that the vertebra was out of alignment and was pinching a nerve going to his friend’s ears. Palmer adjusted the vertebra, and immediately Lillard’s hearing improved. After several treatments, Lillard’s hearing was completely restored and Chiropractic was born.

Today chiropractors in the UK must undergo a minimum of four years full time training to become a qualified practitioner which in turn enables them to become regulated by the General Chiropractic Council. The accredited degree course includes the study of the medical sciences, clinical diagnostic skills, orthopaedic and neurological testing as well as taking and reading of x-rays. Student chiropractors are also trained in an extensive range of chiropractic adjustment methods to treat the whole range of musculoskeletal conditions.

“Chiropractors are experts in the diagnosis and treatment of conditions which relate to the mechanical dysfunction of joints and the effects they have on the nervous system.”

By using their hands to adjust the joints of the spine and extremities, chiropractors will look to improve mobility and relieve pain where restriction of movement is found. This then enables the body’s own healing processes to continue the task of improving the condition. This treatment technique is known by chiropractors as ‘manipulation’ or ‘adjustment’.

By manipulating joints, chiropractors can stimulate the joint receptors which provide feedback to the brain on where the joint is positioned. Depending on where the nerve irritation has occurred in the spine, symptoms may present in different areas of the body causing pain in the extremities, limbs, shoulders, neck or simply producing headaches. Chiropractors, including Dr Broe are trained to diagnose the cause and offer treatment using manipulation, without the use of drugs.

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